Frequently Asked Questions

- Who is the chef?
Our chef is Jeanna, a British citizen of Thai origin. She comes from the north of Thailand so she is able to offer North style Thai food as part of the menu if requested. She learnt to cook when she was very young and now has more than 25 years experience of cooking Thai food.

- Do you belong to any associations?
We are members of the National Market Traders Federation.

- I have a specific food allergy or other dietary requirement, is it safe to eat your dishes?
We will discuss food allergies with you prior to your event. Most dishes can easily be adapted to suit specific dietary requirements.

- I am concerned that some of my guests wont like Thai / spicy food. What do you suggest?
Usually our curries are quite mild but can be made as spicy or as mild as you request. Whilst we specialise in Thai food, we can also provide a number of non Thai dishes to complement the Thai food. It's entirely up to you!

- Do you really offer a UK Nationwide service?
Yes but this is subject to a minimum total cost depending on your location (see below). We are a home based business with office and kitchen facilities situated near Yeovil in Somerset. We therefore tend to target our advertising to customers in South Somerset, West Dorset and East Devon. We also have links to the Reading and Newbury area of Berkshire so often advertise in this area as well.

- How much will it cost?
Unfortunately this is very difficult to answer. Each event is priced differently as our customers tend to have different requirements. Also some dishes cost more to make than others. If you have a budget in mind for your event then please let us know as we will do our very best to come up with a menu and catering solution that fits within the budget. However, please note that all formal catering catering and tuition services will be subject to a total minimum price depending on your location. For events in South Somerset, West Dorset and East Devon the total minimum price is currently 100. For the rest of Somerset, Dorset and Devon and for Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and the Bristol area, the total minimum price is currently 150. Please enquire about the total minimum price for other areas of the UK.

- I want to book you for catering or tuition. What should I do?
Firstly, please check our calendar page to ensure we will be available on the date you have in mind. Next, please e-mail us with the subject Catering Enquiry or Tuition Enquiry with as many details of your requirements as is possible!

- What are your payment terms / cancellation policy?
For formal catering and tuition events we usually ask for a 10% booking fee payable a week before your event. The balance will be payable at the event or shortly afterwards (but certainly no more than 30 days afterwards). If you cancel a week or more before your event then we will refund any money already paid. We will only refund money after this if there are exceptional circumstances (regarding either you or us) which has resulted in the cancellation.

- Can I work for Spices Alive?
We are currently not recruiting for any full or part time staff. However, occasionally we may need casual staff to help us at events. Please e-mail us with the subject Recruitment Enquiry if you are interested.